Victor Wong is set to release a new single, and it will be about the changes one experiences as one gets older.

As reported on Epoch Times, the Malaysian-born singer, whose song “Hello” will be out on 14 June, said that he resonated with the song while recording it, as he is also experiencing physical and mental changes.

“Recently I really feel like I can’t do two things at once, and I have a bit of a goldfish brain. One time I was talking to my family on the phone while I was out at the bank to transfer money. After the transfer was completed and I got home, I realised that I was distracted and forgot to take my bank card back,” he said.

“I felt so upset! I quickly contacted customer service to let them know that I forgot to take my bank card. Fortunately, after confirmation, the card was not lost.”

As for the lyrics describing the change from a photographic memory to a goldfish brain, Victor said that he felt the decline in memory very much.

As an example, the singer said that he would sometimes forget people’s names not long after they were introduced.

“Sometimes, when I talk to my kids, I would accidentally repeat the same thing many times, and the children would complain: “Dad, you have talked about this thing a lot today”,” he said.

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The father of two admits to forgetfulness

However, Victor said that he has learned to accept each stage of his life, and would like to encourage his fans to coexist with the changes in life.

The singer will also be performing his new single at his Hello LIVE event at Legacy Taipei on 15 June.

(Photo Source: Victor Wong IG)