After studying Korean for her previous movie, “Decision to Leave”, Tang Wei recently revealed that she has plans to continue honing her Korean proficiency.

In an interview with JTBC News’ “Newsroom” on 9 June, the actress, who is currently promoting her new movie, “Wonderland” directed by husband Kim Tae-yong, said that she had enjoyed the process at the time.

“I like to learn language at work, to understand the culture behind the language, and the personality, habits, and moods of the people who speak this language. But now I need an environment to learn a language, so I have been encouraging my husband to speak Korean to me more,” she said.

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The actress studied Korean for her role in ‘Decision to Leave’

When asked the most commonly used or favourite Korean word of hers, Tang smiled and said, “Yeobo” (darling) before covering her face with her hands in embarrassment.

Meanwhile, she continued to sing praises for her husband, saying that she would love to work with the director again in the future, now that they have collaborated in two movies together.

“As an actress, working with him will give me full understanding, protection and space to show myself. He is good at tapping into our potential,” she said.

(Photo Source: Tang Wei IG, SINA)