Rumours are rife that there is trouble in paradise for Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun.

Gossips about the actress’ marriage trouble came from the YouTube channel of Garo Sero Institute, one of South Korea’s most influential right-wing political and entertainment outlets, which stated that Jun and her husband are on the verge of a divorce.

The source stated that the “Legend of the Blue Sea” actress is reportedly refusing to proceed with the divorce despite her husband Choi Joon-hyuk already living separately since December 2020, and the reason was due to the negative impact Jun thinks the divorce would have on her many endorsement deals.

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Jun has dozens of endorsements that could be affected by her divorce news

It is noted that she could incur a huge penalty from the many brands collaborating with her due to the negative press that would come about from news of her divorce.

The actress’ agency, Culture Depot has yet to comment on the report at the time of writing.

Jun tied the knot with the banker in April 2012. Choi is known as the grandson of famed hanbok designer Lee Young-hee.

(Photo Source: Jun Ji-hyun Instagram)