While there have been rumours throughout the years that it is not easy working with comedy auteur Stephen Chow, the latest Sing Girl Vin E Jingwen is vehemently saying that the opposite is true.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actress, who starred in Stephen’s 2019 movie, “The New King of Comedy”, recently revealed on the show “Listen To Me” about her own personal experience working with the director – who is infamous for being difficult – saying that Stephen is just the kind of director who would have new ideas while filming his movie.

Said Vin, “When he finishes a scene, he will suddenly have a new idea and would ask everyone what they think. I will just bluntly tell him that the previous one we shot is better. I just tell him my opinion and he never got angry with me,” she said.

“He is not as difficult to deal with as the outside world said,” she added.

It is noted that the actress has a really good actor-director relationship with the comedian, revealing in a previous Weibo post that Stephen had even laughed at her and jokingly called her stupid after she told him that she was eliminated from the acting-related reality show, “Everybody Stand By”.

Vin has a good relationship with the comedy auteur

(Photo Source: SINA)