Ruby Rodriguez recently revealed that it was for her son that she decided to settle in the US for good.

The comedienne, whose family members are all US citizens living in the US West Coast, shared that her son AJ has a rare auto-immune disease called Henoch Schonlein Purpura – a disorder that causes the small blood vessels in one’s skin, joints, intestines and kidneys to become inflamed and bleed.

“So we had to bring him here [to the US] to get a better treatment. They have more medication here and more advanced in some ways,” she said.

Ruby said that it is important that she is there for her son.

“He needs to get medical treatment here. Why is the mother not there? The father may be absent, but the mother may not. For now, I’m just trying to fix the medical requirements of my son to make him better in his health and SPED [special education]. Why do we work? For my kids, especially AJ,” she said.

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Ruby wants to ensure that son AJ receives the best medical treatment possible

Even if she is now based in the US, Ruby said that she will continue to welcome more projects from Viva Artists Agency.

“If the project is really good and worth it, I can fly in, then fly out,” the actress added.

(Photo Source: Ruby Rodriguez Instagram)