Following Kyoko Fukada’s temporary hiatus from showbiz due to adjustment disorder, another Japanese actress has recently departed from her agency to focus on her mental health.

As reported on Mynavi, management agency Sweet Power recently announced that its star Aisa Takeuchi has left the company on 31 May “to take a new path”.

The statement read, “First of all, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the fans who have warmly watched and supported Takeuchi’s activities since her debut. We would like to apologise for this sudden announcement.”

“Since February of this year, Takeuchi has been suffering from physical and mental disorders. She had shown symptoms of panic disorder and on 11 May, was officially diagnosed with panic disorder. Since her symptoms would often come and go, she and her family decided that it is best for her to concentrate on treatment and considers new path.”

The company stated that they respect the wishes of Takeuchi and her family and hopes for fans’ understanding as well.

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The actress’ family fully supports her decision to focus on her health first

The 19 year-old actress herself admitted that she was initially worried about the diagnosis, but that after speaking to her family, decided that the change of environment and ample rest along with her treatment will enable her to get better.

“Thanks to everyone’s support, many people were worried even in the comments on Instagram, and it was encouraging at times of hardship and pain. It was a treasure of my life to meet you through this career for about four years. I am really grateful,” she added.

(Photo Source: Hustle Press)