Mei Nagano and Takeru Satoh are working together in the upcoming live-action adaptation of the hit manga, “Cells at Work!”

As reported on Eiga, Mei will play the role of Red Blood Cell to Takeru’s White Blood Cell in the film that will be helmed by Hideki Takeuchi of “Fly Me to Saitama” fame.

Speaking about the role, Mei admitted that she was initially confused upon receiving the offer.

“My manager told me that I was approached about the role of Red Blood Cell. I wondered what that meant. I thought it would probably be the first and last time I’d ever do something like this, so I was really happy and looking forward to it,” she enthused.

Meanwhile, Takeru also admitted to be completely engrossed in the said universe.

“I only had the image in my mind, and I wondered what I had been doing up until now if I hadn’t done this,” he said with a laugh.

“Cells at Work!” is a manga by Akane Shimizu that takes place inside the human body, and focuses on the two cells, a rookie red blood cell, AE3803, who often gets lost during deliveries, and a relentless white blood cell, U-1146, who fights against any germs that invade the body.

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The manga and subsequent anime were a big hit

(Photo Source: Eiga)