Chinese singer Ju Jingyi attracted attention recently, after she dismissed the notion of a contract renewal with her agency, Star48 Culture Media Group.

As reported on Yule, the issue sparked after the company decided to issue a statement saying that the two parties have completed the first phase of cooperation under the agreement and will “officially transition to the second phase of cooperation based on the artist agency agreement.”

This would mean that the singer’s future works will continue to be handled by Star48, despite the fact that the contract should have expired on her 30th birthday on 18 June.

Following the announcement, Ju took to social media and posted two question marks, seemingly unaware of the contract renewal.

Ju Jingyi surprised over news of contract renewal, celeb asia, Ju Jingyi, theHive.Asia
Ju was a former member of SNH48

She later released her own statement, saying, “Many friends asked me about the announcement this morning. I will give a brief explanation here. Some time ago, I clearly expressed to Star48 my decision not to renew the contract on 18 June 2024. I am not aware of the “supplementary agreement terms” and “second phase cooperation” mentioned in the announcement this morning. I will do my best to properly communicate and handle the follow-up matters without occupying public resources.”

“My journey when I was young was like a dream. I don’t know where the courage came from, but I have stumbled to where I am today. Thanks again to Star48, you have witnessed my growth along the way. The courage of my youth has been with me till now. Now that I am thirty, I can start again,” she added.

(Photo Source: Ju Jingyi Weibo)