Ella Chen recently took to social media to update fans about her birthday celebration, after turning 43 on 18 June.

The singer, who posted a photo of her and her dog Pudding in front of a birthday cake and a bouquet of flowers, revealed that she did nothing special on her birthday, just like any other day.

“Just like yesterday, I got up and ate. I sat on the sofa and turned on the TV. I watched the movies or TV series I wanted to watch. I wanted to wear my newly bought dress and dress myself up because I’m the birthday girl today. But I felt comfortable sitting there. Dressing up is tiring, and I have to take off my makeup later. It’s also great to sit there and do nothing,” she posted.

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Ella is one happy mama

Ella said that she made a phone call to her mother to thank her for giving birth to her, and then thank her father for the gift he sent her. Husband Alvin sent a beautiful bouquet as always and son Jinbao came home from school with a cake.

“My greatest progress this year is learning how to really have fun. I don’t force myself to work out hard, and I don’t deliberately fill the blanks in my schedule. I just stay with myself comfortably, watch the movies I want to watch, and order the food I want to eat when I’m hungry,” she said, adding that she has had a happy birthday and will continue to have happy days ahead.

(Photo Source: Ella Chen IG)