Being nominated Best Actor for the first time at the Golden Horse Awards, Wu Kang-ren recently admitted that he never thought that he’d receive a nomination through a project outside of Taiwan.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actor, who met with fans at the Golden Horse Film Festival event alongside director Lay Jin Ong and co-star Jack Tan, stated that he found the fact that he is nominated for a Malaysian movie quite interesting.

“This is the magic of movies. The actor never knows which role he will enter the Golden Horse Hall for. I am very happy that everyone has given their best. They brought out their works, share the beauty of movies with each other, and congratulate each other,” he said.

Speaking about his role as one of the two undocumented orphans in the movie, Wu admitted that he was initially regarded as a foreigner in the Pudu area of Kuala Lumpur due to his fair complexion and neat appearances. In order to integrate with migrant workers there, he and Jack would often go to the wet market to interact with them.

“Once I went to the toilet with the migrant workers. When we first arrived there, we were not chased away by the cleaning lady who was cleaning the toilet. By the end of filming period, I was just like the local people. The cleaning lady didn’t recognise us and shouted loudly to drive me and the migrant friends next to me away. At that time, I felt that I had really become one of them,” he said.

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Wu Kang-ren (right) with co-star Jack Tan (left) and director Lay Jin Ong (middle)

(Photo Source: Wu Kang Ren FB)