Kenny Khoo recently revealed that he has to take some time off work after losing his voice following poor health.

As reported on Epoch Times, the announcement was made on 11 November by his record label, Reason Brothers, stating that Kenny was diagnosed by the doctors and was advised to take a rest – which is why he was absent from the Golden Melody Concert held in Taoyuan on the 12th.

The Singaporean singer-songwriter also took to social media to share the news, saying that after working hard despite his health issues, he lost his voice after his show.

“I can only draw pictures or type my words for now. But not to worry. I will take a good rest,” he stated.

He will also not be able to participate in the show, “100% Entertainment” on 14 November, though the rest of W0LF(S) members will be involved in the recording.

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W0LF(S) to perform without Kenny

(Photo Source: Kenny Khoo IG, W0LF(S) IG)