Following Ryan Reynolds’ post on his social media about his struggles with anxiety, Shawn Yue revealed that he has also been experiencing panic disorder.

In an Instagram Story posted on 2 June, Shawn revealed that his first experience with the disorder came three years ago due to work pressure, stating that he had a panic attack and breathing difficulties while on a plane.

“My hands and feet were numb and I couldn’t breathe. I felt like I was going to die, so I rushed to the flight attendant and said, ‘I can’t, I want to go back, I don’t want to fly’. Later, the stewardess helped to ask if there was a doctor on the plane. There happened to be a foreign doctor. After he checked, he gave me a sedative and I passed the journey safely,” Shawn shared.

Shawn stated that it was later on, when he went to the doctors, that he was diagnosed with panic attack. The actor stated that although he recovered from his condition by taking medication, it has recently relapsed, which made it quite difficult for him. However, Shawn encouraged those who experienced the same thing to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude.

Shawn tries to keep a positive attitude

“I believe that as long as I maintain a positive attitude and mood, I can still overcome it. Yes. I also hope that friends who also have this disease will maintain an optimistic and positive attitude to face their own problems like me. Don’t be afraid, the disease will be cured. Come on!”

(Photo Source: Shawn Yue Instagram)