Ella Cruz is excited about her upcoming movie, “Gluta”, seeing that she has a lot of similarities with the character she plays in the movie.

As reported on Push, the 25 year-old actress, who spoke to the media at the virtual press conference held by Viva Films, stated that she plays Angel, an indigenous girl who dreams of becoming a beauty queen.

“I could relate because I really wanted to be a beauty queen then. I told that to director Darryl [Yap], I said, ‘You know, Direk Darryl when I was a kid my dream was to be a beauty queen.’ I participate in all of those contests at school.” “But here I am destined to be an actress because my height is not that of a beauty queen. But we know, there are no height requirements now,” she said.

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Ella shared that she had a lot of body insecurities when she was younger

Ella also stated that just like her character in the movie, she has also learned to accept who she is as a person.

“I used to not accept all my flaws but I’ve recently learned to love them, to embrace them and to be better identified, ‘Oh, here, this is Ella. If I wasn’t small I wouldn’t be Ella,” she added.

“Gluta” will be airing on 2 July through streaming platforms of iWantFC, ktx.ph, and VivaMax.

(Photo Source: Ella Cruz Instagram)