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Tiz Zaqyah is demanding online tabloids to stop publishing reports about her that could cause misunderstanding among netizens and the public alike.

On 9 January, the actress shared screenshots of articles with similar titles which stated that she had allegedly come forward to deny being a high-class prostitute, as well as a message from someone expressing concern over the rumours being reported everywhere. Tiz stressed that she never deliberately appeared in front of the media when it comes to the topic and that reporters should stop posting articles with such a sensational title.

“You should at least be truthful,” she posted in all-caps. “I never came forward. I was being interviewed by some reporters when one decided to ask a question that came out of nowhere and suddenly my name is out there.”

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The actress was furious with reports linking her to high-class prostitution

Tiz demanded that these news portals change the headline or just remove the articles altogether, saying that it has no importance to her life.

“With no hesitation, I will take legal action [against] all responsible parties,” she added.

Fans and friends in the industry alike expressed their support for the “Kusinero Cinta” star, with singer-songwriter Yuna writing, “This is so irresponsible. You tell em sis!”

On the other hand, the actress is currently busy filming her new series, “Diva Popular”, produced by Erma Fatima. It will be a continuation of the producer’s 1994 hit drama, “Pengantin Popular”, which she starred alongside Fauziah Ahmad Daud – the latter who will also be playing Tiz’s mother in the upcoming show. Other cast members include Nabila Huda and Ben Amir.

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Tiz posing with fellow co-star Nabila Huda on the set of their upcoming TV series, “Diva Popular”