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It looks like Rizman Ruzaini is trying their best to keep their distance from the controversy surrounding hijab-wearing Natasha Hudson’s decision to wear their shoulder-baring dress without covering the exposed area.

On 10 January, the fashion brand posted a photo of YouTube cooking sensation S. Pavithra wearing the same outfit when she posed for the cover of the magazine Pepatung during the previous MCO, but with the shoulder part being covered by a layer of similar coloured fabric.

“This was the last time this dress was loaned out for PROMOTIONAL USE before it goes on clearance sale (*which is in our yearly calendar for the past 10 years),” Rizman Ruzaini posted on Instagram.

The fashion duo also revealed an interesting titbit about the dress when it was worn by Pavithra, saying that the Malaysian-Indian cook thought that the dress was a bit too revealing for her and personally requested that her shoulder be covered up properly.

“The stylist respected her request and styled it accordingly which is definitely approved in Rizman Ruzaini’s book as it still stayed true to the design of the dress and not utterly changed it. Though Pavithra is not deemed as an A-list celebrity, we are still happy to work with her and is proud to have someone wear our design with such regal, elegance and class,” the duo added.

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Natasha Hudson with the same dress

It is noted that Natasha Hudson became a subject of much criticism after appearing at a launching event wearing the said dress but without covering her shoulder with another layer of similar fabric. Instead, she decided to wear a nude-coloured inner layer that was mistakenly thought to be her own skin, sparking anger among netizens.

However, the actress defended her choice, saying that she has no need to explain herself to others and that she was attending a prestigious event and not a “launching of a mamak restaurant”.