While other celebrities choose the usual items to be donated to the victims of
the floods in several parts of the Malaysia, actress Sharifah Shahira stated
that it was just as important to be sending undergarments and sanitary pads,
which is why she decided to do so recently.

The actress,
also known as Shiera, who had bought all the items using the money donated by
the public, stated that she has had experience of being a flood victim in the
past, and thus she understands and knows what are important for the people
experiencing the said calamity.

“I bought all these underwears because
they are needed… You can laugh all you want, but it’s necessary!” she said on
her Instagram Story.

Shiera went to buy
undergarments using donated money

Aside from undergarments, Shiera also
bought other necessities including food and clothes. All of these items will be
sent to the flood victims in Pahang.

It is noted that the flood situations
in Pahang, Perak, Kelantan and Terengganu, are worsening due to continuous heavy
rain; rendering more victims to be moved to the temporary evacuation centres. In
Pahang alone, there have been more than 24,000 victims being transferred to 281
of these centres, with the most victims coming from Temerloh and Maran.

The items bought by Shiera will be sent to the victims by the
Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA)