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We previously mentioned that the biggest drive-in cinema in Malaysia is all
set to launch at 1 Utama Shopping Centre this month. Good news for cinephiles
who have been waiting for it, the new cinema is opening this weekend!

CineDrive will begin operations from this 28 August, Friday, 6pm
onwards at 1 Utama Dataran Car Park.

Tickets are already available and can be purchased via the official website

What makes the new drive-in cinema stand out is its massive LED screen, which
allows for better viewing and a larger audience to enjoy the outdoor cinematic
experience. The vibrant screen measures 52 feet, or 3-storey tall, and is
lifted a storey off the ground to ensure no obstructions.

The movie options are also varied, comprised of both local and international
titles, such as “Paskal”, “Wira”, “Aquaman”, “Joker” and “The Conjuring”.

Audio from the movie will be transmitted via FM radio so the audience will not
require Bluetooth or external speakers. This means letting the engine run
throughout the movie’s duration, which will also allow the car’s
air-conditioner to be switched on, but CineDrive assures that it is purchasing
carbon credits from solar projects to offset the emissions.

To complete the movie-going experience, CineDrive has also partnered with GSC
for snacks. 1 large popcorn and 2 drinks will be included with every ticket
purchase, with an option to double the amount with an RM15 upgrade.

Another upgrade option is priced at RM30, which includes the same upgrade of 2
large popcorn and 4 drinks, plus a VIP reserved cark pay bay for a Sedan or a
smaller car.

Without the upgrades, the basic ticket is priced at RM80 per car, with as many
passengers as legally allowed.

CineDrive will be available for a limited time only, from 28 August to 6
September 2020.

Update as of 27 August: Originally scheduled to run from 28 August to 6 September 2020, CineDrive has now been postponed to a later date.