Singaporean singer Dominic Chin sure is making fans anticipate his debut EP more and more with the recent release of yet another single off the album.

Called “Alone”, it is the sixth single from his upcoming seven-track EP “License to Cry”.

“The song is about my anxiety order and how it affects all the relationships in my life,” the singer shared in a statement. 

“Finding love and peace with good healthy relationships but feeling tremendously undeserving of it, resulting in me wanting to sabotage the relationship. The song talks about feeling conflicted about my relationships, being totally defeated and yearning for some help while I fight my battles with feeling disorientated by all that is going on in my mind.”

Adding that it is not a song meant to uplift anybody, he clarified, “It’s a song to let people who struggle with anxiety issues like me to know that they are not alone, and that I too struggle with it on a day to day basis and I’m still here.”

To really get the feel of the song, why not sing along to it? Just click play on the official lyrics video below and sing your heart out!

“License to Cry” will be released via Singaporean indie label Umami Records this 9 October.

Following that, Dominic will be making his debut show at the Esplanade Singapore on 26 December 2020, making this Christmas season a truly wonderful time for his fans.