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"The Masked Singer Malaysia" takes the stage this 18 September

Since it was revealed last month that Malaysia will be getting its very own edition of the global hit franchise "The Masked Singer", fans have been anticipating the nation's mysterious singers to take the stage.

Finally, the moment for these singers to shine (behind identity-obscuring masks) is drawing near – "The Masked Singer Malaysia" is all set to make its debut next week!

It will air on Astro Warna (CH127) and Warna HD (CH107) at 9pm every Friday. It will also be available for streaming on Astro GO.

A total of eight episodes will be aired starting from 18 September until 6 November 2020.

Datuk AC Mizal will host the show, where 12 contestants comprised of well-known figures from various backgrounds, such as singers, actors, hosts, athletes and more, will be vying for the top spot by charming the audience and jury with just their voices.

They will be judged by a panel of jury made up of popular local celebrities. The nine permanent jury members are Datuk Aznil Haji Nawawi, Michael Ang, Raja Azura, Zizan Razak, Ella Aminuddin, Remy Ishak, Nabila Huda, Ramona Zam Zam and Angah Raja Lawak.

"The Masked Singer Malaysia" images tweeted by Astro last month.
More "The Masked Singer Malaysia" images tweeted to hype up the show.

All contestants will be wearing costumes that cover them from head to toe, completely obscuring their identities.

Renowned costume designer Akma Suriati Awang has prepared 12 Malaysia-themed costumes: Musang King, Nasi Lemak, Orang Utan, Rajah Brooke, Wau, ABC, Enggang, Ayam Jantan, Reno, Rimau, Rafflesia and Bunga Raya.

To further keep the contestants' identities top secret, only eight members of the production team have been entrusted with their true identities.

Every week, one contestant will be eliminated. His or her face will then be revealed for the first time. The only contestant to remain masked until the final elimination round will, of course, be named the first champion of "The Masked Singer Malaysia".

The show, which will be taped weekly with a live audience at Royal Theatre, Shah Alam, will be held on a smaller scale than usual. The number of audience members will be limited in compliance with current social distancing procedures.

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