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While most idols would try their hand on acting, Jackson Wang doesn’t think being in movies would be a thing for him.

As reported on HK01, the GOT7 rapper said as much on the latest episode “Let’s Chat” – the spin-off of the reality show, “Street Dance of China 3”, after one of the leaders Lay Zhang revealed that he has to leave early for a filming project.

When the others began to discuss about their own experience filming movies and dramas, Jackson chimed in saying that he thinks being an actor is not easy.

When asked by the show director if he is currently filming a drama, the Hong Kong-born Jackson referred to his lack of fluency in Mandarin and responded, “What can I be filming right now? Can you imagine me in a film with the way I talk?”

When Wang Yibo suggested an ancient drama instead, adding that his voice could be dubbed, Jackson stated that he has no plans to be an actor for the time being.

“I can’t get past myself,” he added.

(Photo Source: Jackson Wang Instagram)