A year into her split from husband Tony Chao, Fish Leong recently admitted that she is now ready to move on.

As reported on Mingpao, the Malaysian-born singer who is currently promoting her album, “The Sun Also Rises”, shared that she was going through her divorce when she was making the album, and that every emotion poured into her singing was very true to her situation at the time.

Asked if she is eager to win at the upcoming Golden Melody Awards, Fish, who earned six nominations said that she would love to win.

“The album got a praise from [musician] Jonathan Lee, so I am feeling quite confident,” she said.

When mentioned that her songs were a comfort to many people and asked how she comforted herself throughout the hard times, Fish said that she had her lowest moment before the album was released.

“I choose to heal on my own, driving to the sea, eat, watch movies and Korean dramas and all that,” she said.

Asked if she has come out of her grief, she responded, “You still have to come out.”

As to her current relationship with Tony, Fish stated that there is no awkwardness between them and that they still talk, as he is still the father of her child. However, she stressed that the two of them are not friends.

(Photo Source: Fish Leong Instagram)