While she once wanted to marry and have children before turning 30, Karena Ng recently admitted that she is now more mature about her wants and needs.

In an interview with Mingpao, the actress shared that at 28 years of age, she has learned that her age should not restrict her and that she should focus on her happiness instead.

“If I don’t want to get married, then I shouldn’t. If I am not prepared mentally for it, there is a chance I will regret it,” she said, adding that she has seen a lot of people not being happy in their marriages.

Karena, however, stated that she will not eliminate the possibility of a flash wedding.

As for becoming a mother, the actress said that she is not in that frame of mind right now.

“Friends around me have become mothers and they have to take care of the baby every day. Even I feel tired for them,” she added. The actress added that after being in the industry for ten years, her mindset has changed a lot and that she hopes to try many things in the next ten years, including opening her own antique store or restaurant.

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Karena is not ready for a baby

(Photo Source: Karena Ng Instagram)