After months of delays and various obstacles due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team of “The White Storm 3” can finally breathe a sigh of relief as filming wraps up.

As reported on Skypost, on 27 October, the cast and crew including Aaron Kwok and Sean Lau celebrated the last day of filming, with the latter expressing relief that he can finally shave all his beard off.

“This movie has experienced a lot of things. Everyone become more acquainted and united and I believe this camaraderie will be reflected in the movie,” Sean said.

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The cast and crew are elated that filming is finally done

As for Aaron, who is the new addition to the film, the actor stated that while filming was challenging, he was very happy to develop friendships with the rest of the actors.

In another interview, the actor revealed that he actually injured his hand while filming the movie, though it was luckily not too serious.

“Injuries are inevitable, so you have to be careful as much as possible,” he added.

It is noted that the movie was originally scheduled to be filmed in Thailand, but the plans had to be changed due to the travel restrictions caused by the pandemic. Instead, they decided to build their own Thai village in Lau Fau Shan and resumed filming locally instead.

On the other hand, Aaron – who celebrated his 56th birthday on 26 October – just in time for filming to wrap up, stated that he had a simple birthday meal with wife Moka Fang and their two daughters.

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Aaron got to celebrate his birthday with wife and kids after months of hard work

(Photo Source: Moka Fang Instagram)