Taiwan-born Chinese actor Chen Linong recently decided to withdraw from his upcoming movie as a way to express his protest against those who criticised China.

As reported on ET Today, on 25 October, the actor’s agency announced that he will no longer be playing the lead in the adaptation of DTT’s novel, “Time Machine”, stating that, “Chen Linong has always adhered to the One China principle and never wavered. The motherland’s territory is sacred and indivisible.”

“His stance is beyond doubt,” the agency added.

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Chen Linong was to be the lead in the fantasy-romance film, ‘Time Machine’

Chen has also reposted the said statement, adding that he has never changed his principle.

Chen’s decision was reportedly sparked by a recent revelation about the film’s director Tsai Yi-fen’s support towards the Taiwanese government – reposting President Tsai Ing-wen’s article about bravery, as well as articles on the Hong Kong protest and the mainland’s concealment of the death toll from COVID-19 on social media.

It is noted that the said director has also resigned from the project as director and screenwriter to avoid more damage towards the production.

(Photo Source: Chen Linong Instagram, ET Today)