Although she didn’t get to play “Darna” due to her finger injury, Liza Soberano is elated that she was given a chance to play a “superhero” of some sort by voicing the character of Alexandra Trese in the upcoming Netflix anime of the popular graphic novel series, “Trese”.

As reported on Push, the actress, who spoke about her experience working on the project recently, stated that she enjoyed playing the titular character for the Tagalog version of the series.

“I just like the fact that I’m finally getting to play a superhero that is like super brave, bad ass, it very cool and very edgy in a way,” said Soberano. “Because I’ve always wanted to portray a character that is edgy and that people will love at the same time fear because she’s so equipped. She can fend for herself, she fights these supernatural beings all the time. I feel like everybody’s just going to fall in love with her because I instantly fell in love with her when I read the graphic novel.”

However, the actress admitted that she was not familiar with Trese prior to working on the project, and was surprised to find how big the comic franchise is.

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Liza Soberano voices the titular character of the upcoming Netflix anime

“I resonate with her because I feel like we both feel very pressured because we both have this huge responsibility on our shoulders. For her, it’s maintaining the balance between the underworld and human beings and making sure they’re living harmoniously and in peace. With me, I guess I feel like as a celebrity and public figure I have this huge responsibility with everything that I do,” she said.

Based on the graphic novel by Budjette and KaJO Baldisimo, “Trese” is set in Manila where creatures from the Philippine folklore live amongst humans, with investigator Alexandra Trese having to go deep into a criminal underworld teeming with evil supernatural beings.

“Trese” will begin streaming on Netflix on 11 June.

(Photo Source: Liza Soberano Instagram, NME)