Hong Kong singer Ken Hung recently assured that he is doing much better now, after falling into a short coma while filming in mainland China two months ago.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who spoke to the media about the incident recently while in recuperation at home, stated that he feels sorry and embarrassed for causing worry to everyone.

“I have returned to Hong Kong to rest… I hope I will be better soon. When the pandemic passes, I will return to the mainland to begin work again,” he said, adding that he still can’t lift his left arm, seeing that it was the left side of his body that landed first when he collapsed.

However, Ken stated that the incident made him realise that there are a lot of friends who care about him.

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Ken is grateful for the love from his family, friends and fans

Ken was rushed to a hospital in Shunde back in April in critical condition after falling down the stairs following a seizure and vomiting, injuring his left arm in the process. He was reported to have fallen into a coma for ten minutes following hospitalisation.

“While I was filming, I wanted to do a good job because it was the first time I was playing a villain. I ate less and the weather was hot, and I was wearing a thick costume. Everything led to a heatstroke. After I returned to Hong Kong, I really fed myself and I am now more energetic,” he said.

Ken was rushed to the hospital after collapsing on a flight of stairs

(Photo Source: Ken Hung Instagram, Mingpao)