Han Ye-seul recently stressed that she has never even met BLACKPINK’s Jennie, let alone slapping the singer for supposedly coming between her and ex-boyfriend Teddy Park.

In a video uploaded on her YouTube channel that was titled, “Let me tell you EVERYTHING” on 9 June, Han addressed several rumours about her, including one about Jennie being the cause for her breakup with Teddy.

“I don’t know why people assume there was an issue or that someone must have cheated when people break up. I have always dated and broken up naturally, and the same can be said of Teddy. I don’t know why Jennie of BLACKPINK was brought into the matter. Perhaps because they’re from the same company?” she said.

Han Ye-seul clarified all rumours that Jennie was not the third party in her relationship with ex-boyfriend Teddy Park
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There were rumours that Teddy Park was or is dating Jennie but YG Entertainment has denied them time and time again

Han stated that she has no knowledge of the history between the two, but that she has never met the singer. She stressed that she was not dumped by Teddy because of Jennie.

Han and Teddy broke up in 2016 after three years of relationship. The following year, the music producer was rumoured to be dating the BLACKPINK member – a rumour that YG Entertainment has denied. However, it did not stop netizens from speculating whether Teddy had cheated on Han with Jennie, with some even saying that the actress had slapped the singer across the face.

Han dated Teddy for three years before ending the romance in 2016

(Photo Source: Han Ye-seul Instagram, Jennie Instagram, KED)