Stephy Tang recently assured that everything is well in her life since her breakup with Taiwanese singer-actor, Prince Chiu.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who made her public appearance for the first time to promote her new ViuTV series since announcing the breakup back in July, declined to talk about the said breakup, stressing that she has already explained enough on social media.

“I hope everybody will give us some privacy. The two of us will continue to be normal friends and will care for and support each other,” she said.

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Stephy appears in public to promote her new series

When mentioned that some netizens are now rooting for her to rekindle her romance with former boyfriend of ten years Alex Fong, Stephy stated that people only thought that because they had worked together in numerous films.

As to whether or not she will follow him on Instagram again after Alex revealed that the actress has unfollowed him since their breakup in 2016, Stephy responded, “I only track people who I recently collaborated with or met, and I seldom use social media.”

She was also hesitant about regarding Alex as a “normal friend” like she did with Prince, saying, “I don’t know how to describe the relationship between two people. We’ll greet each other if we meet at work. Everybody has different definitions of friends.”

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Stephy Tang is not interested to reunite with ex, Alex Fong

(Photo Source: Stephy Tang InstagramAlex Fong Instagram)