Now that she has set up her own company, Light White Studio, Kay Tse stated that she will now be busying herself making new songs and music videos for her upcoming return.

The singer, who was previously signed to Juno Mak’s label imagine.nation, stated that there have been a lot of challenges in the process of starting her own company, and that she has used the time to learn to resolve the issues that would have mainly been handed over to another person in the past.

“It’s a learning curve for me. I ask my husband [Louis Cheung] for advice, as well as other musicians as well” she said.

Asked if she will be signing other talents in the future, Kay smiled and said, “I’m not that smart. You have to wait for me to develop myself first. Maybe it would be possible in the future.”

As to reports that she will be signing with ViuTV, Kay said that it is all in the past.

“In short, my company will be managing me. I wouldn’t have done this when I was younger. But at a certain point in your life, you just have to try it,” she said.

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It’s been a learning curve for Kay

(Photo Source: Kay Tse Instagram)