Sandra Ng is elated that her new movie “Zero to Hero” will be travelling the awards circuit soon. It was originally titled “On Your Mom, Get Set, Go!”

As reported on Mingpao, the movie, which is a true story based on the life of Paralympic Games champion sprinter So Wa Wai, has been selected to join several film festivals including the 23rd Udine Far East International Film Festival, the 18th Asian Summer Film Festival in Barcelona and the 20th New York Asian Film Festival.

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‘Zero to Hero’ will be in several film festivals

Playing the role of So’s mother, Sandra expressed, “This movie is about how someone who loses at the starting line can catch up in life. The world needs this kind of positive energy right now. We’re so happy to be able to produce this film and now is the perfect time to be showing it to the world.”

Sandra’s portrayal has also attracted the attention of Udine festival director Sabrina Baracetti, who said, “I always think of Sandra as an amazing actress. This movie is very touching and moving and it made me cry.”

The upcoming movie, directed by Jimmy Wan, is also produced by the said actress. It co-stars Leung Chung Hang, Louis Cheung, Lo Hoi Pang and Chin Siu Ho.

(Photo Source: Zero to Hero Instagram)