Ira Khan, daughter of actor Aamir Khan, recently announced that she has started a foundation for mental health called Agatsu Foundation.

As reported on Zee5, the 24 year-old daughter of Khan and former wife Reena Dutta shared the news on social media with a video that she captioned, “I proudly present… Agatsu Foundation.”

Ira revealed that she got a tattoo that said “If we won’t, who will?” when she turned 21, but that while it sounded corny and cheesy, she really meant it.

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Ira Khan is the daughter of actor-producer Aamir Khan

“Today is my first tangible step at embracing the tattoo. I just started a Section 8 company called Agatsu Foundation and it launches today. Agatsu is my way of trying to find a balance, of attaining equilibrium to make my life better for me, to facilitate making your life better for you, whatever that means for you,” she said.

However, she made no further explanation about the foundation, asking instead for everybody to check it out and see what they do.

According to the website, they are a non-profit company whose purpose is to focus on mental health and well-being in an all-encompassing manner.

“We are a growing collective who have come together to address the challenges that we face as a community of people in the sphere of mental well-being and to provide quality mental health support, mind and body awareness programmes, and skill based training to grow as a society where a balanced existence is more achievable,” the website explained.