With Taiwan experiencing an increase in COVID-19 cases, Aaron Yan recently took to social media to express his support for his doctor father.

As reported on Epoch Times, on 19 May, the singer shared a photo of his father all clad in PPE and face mask in his office, writing, “Come on, dad! Don’t worry. Be careful of the pandemic and we love you!”

He also shared related pandemic information in the same post, expressing hope that Taiwan would survive the crisis safely.

Aaron shares a photo of his father at work

Aaron’s agent revealed that the singer’s father was an attending physician in the Nephrology Department of the National Taiwan University Hospital. Though retired, he still attends the outpatient clinics at the said hospital.

“He has his own room in the house, and will load everything he wears when he comes home inside a bag as protective measures,” said the rep.

Nonetheless, despite the careful measures, Aaron said that he is still worried about his father, and could do nothing but express his support for him – which is why he tries to use his celebrity status to promote pandemic prevention.

Aaron uses his celebrity status to promote Covid-19 safety measures

(Photo Source: Aaron Yan InstagramAaron Yan Facebook)