Although their onscreen pairing previously raised everybody’s eyebrows, it looks like some netizens are changing their mind after watching the trailer to Jerry Yan and Shen Yue’s new drama, “Count Your Lucky Stars”.

As reported on Mingpao, the production recently released several behind-the-scenes footage and trailer, where viewers could witness the chemistry between the two actors despite their age gap.

Those who saw the trailer acknowledged the fact that both stars seemed compatible with one another and that the age gap would not have been an issue if they have not known how old both the actors are.

On the other hand, some still expressed skepticism, saying that watching the 43-year-old Jerry kissing the 23-year-old Shen was like watching an uncle kissing his own niece.

It is noted that both Jerry himself had once expressed worry over the collaboration and was pressured over doing such project.

Meanwhile, Shen was happy to be able to work with the actor, saying that she used to watch “Meteor Garden” with her mother when she was four or five-years-old.

“When I was cast in the new “Meteor Garden” as Shan Chai, my mother was very excited. Filming with Jerry this time was like a dream come true for the whole family,” she said.

“Count Your Lucky Stars” is adapted from a novel about a magazine editor-in-chief and a struggling fashion designer who find their lucks changed after an accidental kiss.