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Fans who’ve recently visited Aizat Amdan’s social media would immediately notice the purple-tinted video he posted, featuring a very special guest.

“What’s happening in the studio: Practicing tik tok moves with Yuna,” he captioned it.

Upon clicking play, fans would then be treated to some smooth moves from the duo. While short, just the appearance of the two of them together in the same studio was enough to get fans hyped.

Comments left on Aizat’s similar post on Instagram largely expressed excitement for the duo, as fans stated that they have been waiting for a new collaboration from them. 

Aizat has previously collaborated with Yuna in his 2013 song, “Dwihati”.

If you can’t recall how the song goes or haven’t seen the MV, or just want to relive the singing duo’s beautiful voices, hit play below!

(Photo source: Yuna’s Instagram, Aizat Amdan’s Instagram)