It was reported that Chinese actress Huang Riying has sustained an injury during training with the crew of the upcoming drama, “Go to the Mountains and Seas” (working title).

As reported on Oriental Daily, on 27 May, sources broke the news that the actress was rehearsing some martial arts move for the drama when she accidentally injured her face, which is said to have required seven stitches soon after.

It is said that Huang had to turn down another drama because of the incident.

When asked about it, the actress’ studio confirmed the rumour, though assured that her condition is currently stable and that she is currently recuperating.

Huang herself sent a voice message to fans to inform them of her condition, saying, “I am getting better now. Please don’t worry too much.”

The new drama, starring Cheng Yi, Xu Zhenxuan and Gulnezer Bextiyar among others, is a wuxia series adapted from the novel “Shen Zhou Qi Xia” by Wen Ruian.

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The drama stars Cheng Yi in the lead

(Photo Source: Huang Riying Fanpage IG, NetEase)