After expressing their online protests over their favourite star dating actress Lee Da-in, Lee Seung-gi’s fans decided to take matters to the street to make sure the actor took notice.

As reported on, a number of fans have recently rented a truck which carried an LED sign asking if he would abandon his fans who have been protecting him for 17 years. The said truck is parked in front of Lee Seung-gi’s home in Seongbuk-dong.

It’s hard not to miss the fans’ truck

“It’s okay if you didn’t know. Letting you know now. They’ve made too many victims. Are you going to abandon the 17-year-old tower you’ve been building? You need to make a quick decision… It’s now time for Lee Seung Gi to protect Airen.”

Airen, in this case, refers to the name of Lee’s fan club.

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Lee Seung-gi’s Fan Club is named Airen

The fans’ protests came after it was reported that Lee Da-in’s stepfather was allegedly involved in stock manipulation and insider trading that had led to alleged financial losses and to some extent, the loss of lives.

Many fans stated that they were concerned that the actor’s relationship with the actress will adversely affect his good guy image.

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His fans aren’t thrilled about his relationship now and feel that he needs to be protected

(Photo Source: Lee Seung-gi Instagram, Lee Da-in Instagram, WowTV)