Hong Kong actor Lam Lei has apologised for his recent outburst, after accusing a medical team of a certain Hong Kong hospital of mistreating his mother.

As reported on HK01, the issue sparked earlier this week, when Lam’s mother was admitted for breathing difficulties. The actor, who came to visit his mother soon after, found that she was restrained in bed with the back of her hands bleeding from the IV catheter sites.

Sharing the situation on Instagram, Lam expressed his frustration with the doctors and nurses at the hospital, saying that they were not treating her well. He was also revealed to have forced his way into the hospital and demanded to speak to the primary physician about the situation.

Speaking to the media about the issue, Lam stated that he wasn’t allowed to visit his mother in the hospital at first due to the pandemic and was heartbroken when he saw her situation.

“What I saw was her being restrained and blood coming from her hands. I immediately asked them to loosen the ties, which they did. But then I saw her again that night and she was restrained yet again,” he said.

Lam apologised for forcing his way into the building despite the rules, but stressed that would not stand seeing the mistreatment towards his mother.

The hospital has since released a statement explaining the restraint, saying that certain protocols had to be enforced to ensure a patient’s safety, and that they had to do so as Lam’s mother was at risk of pulling out her tubes.

On 16 November, Lam again went on social media and apologised for his behaviour, saying that he has already calmed down.

“I was impulsive and wanted my mother to recover as soon as possible,” he said.

(Photo Source: HK01)