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Kelly Cheung has recently laughed off rumours that romantically linked fellow TVB artiste Crystal Fung to former TVB Chairman Dr. Charles Chan.

As reported on Mingpao, Kelly, who was previously accused of receiving Chan’s favour in the past, stated that people like her and Crystal do not need wealthy men to buy things for them as they are able to do that themselves.

It is noted that Crystal was recently accused of winning favours from the former TVB Chairman and living a luxurious lifestyle on his expense. She had since denied the rumours.

“Crystal works hard and has the ability to support herself. Girls don’t necessarily get things from men. Girls in this business have a great earning power,” said Kelly, in defence of her fellow artiste.

When asked if she herself was affected by the previous rumours linking her to Chan, Kelly stated that she treated it as a joke.

“I understand that it was just an entertainment news. It never affected me since it was never the fact. I have only met Charles Chan once or twice since I joined the company,” she said.

Kelly added that she also told her boyfriend about the rumours, adding with a laugh, “My boyfriend said that he himself is not rich, that’s why people were disappointed. He said he would try to become a wealthy man.”

(Photo Source: Kelly Cheung Instagram)