Taiwanese singer Tank recently held his performance at the Taipei International Convention Center for the first time since making his comeback after stepping back due to his declining health.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the singer, real name Lu Jianzhong, started the show with his classic song “Personal Angel”, but was seen pressing his chest with his hand and showing a painful expression after the first half of the song.

However, he was able to sing normally afterwards.

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Fans are thrilled to have Tank back

Thanking the audience for their support, he expressed, “I’m actually feeling a little unwell. I was fine at the beginning, but when I saw so many people, I got nervous. I need to adapt, so I’ll finish singing this song “Personal Angel” for you.”

“This Taipei concert was so surprising and special to me. It was not easy. I fell many times in this place, so I had to find a way to stand up. Although it was a bit difficult, I hope that with the glory of God, I can finish the concert smoothly today,” he added.

He also revealed that he will be releasing a new album in July.

Speaking to the media prior to the show, Tank said that he has to take a rest after working for a maximum of five hours daily. For the performance, he also prepared chairs on the stage and even had medical staff and ambulance to be on standby.

The 42-year-old had taken a long hiatus from showbiz earlier after he was revealed to have a hereditary heart condition. In 2017, he also stated that he had an alcohol problem and had to work on battling his alcoholism issue.

(Photo Source: Tank IG, Oriental Daily)