Although Kelly Cheung and her boyfriend Mark have been together for seven years, the TVB actress admitted that she is still not yet ready to walk down the aisle with him.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who appeared at the recording of TVB’s “Partners’ Kitchen”, stated that unlike Mark, who wants to get married, she herself is not mentally prepared to settle down and have children.

“Right now, I am more keen on developing my career as an actress. I am going to star in the new drama, ‘ICAC Investigators 2024’, which will begin in early July,” she said.

Kelly will also be working on a comedy series at the end of July where she will play the role of a secret agent. “I often get laughed at in real life. This time, it’s my turn to be funny,” she enthused.

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Kelly and Japanese-American Mark have been together for seven years

(Photo Source: Kelly Cheung IG, Oriental Sunday)