Hey! Say! JUMP member Daiki Arioka sets the record as the first member of the group to tie the knot, as he announced his upcoming marriage to “Shoplifter” actress Mayu Matsuoka.

Sharing the good news on STARTO Entertainment site, he expressed, “I am getting married to actress Mayu Matsuoka. Although I still have many shortcomings, I will try my best to let everyone see that I have grown after finding a partner.”

“We will face each other sincerely while respecting and cherishing each other,” he added.

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As for the wedding details, Daiki said that they have no plan to announce it to the public.

“I hope everyone understands. Whether it is a group or an individual, please continue to give guidance and encouragement,” he added.

According to Sponichi, the two met through an acquaintance and have been together for seven or eight years. Aside from being former child stars, the two also shared the same love for the anime “One Piece”.

(Photo Source: Daiki Arioka IG, Mayu Matsuoka IG)