Always one to consider Malaysia his second home, Hong Kong actor Philip Keung recently returned to the country to shoot a new movie called, “Kong Tao”.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actor, who attended the launching event of the film at the Gua Damai near Batu Caves, revealed that he will play the role of a black magic master.

“At first my wife was nervous and didn’t really want me to do this film. She was worried I would accidentally offend something I shouldn’t. But the story is good, and having worked with one of the directors in “The Locksmith” before, I really want to support them,” he said.

The actor was referring to Penangite director Peiji Wu.

In order to play his role, Philip said that he watched many movies related to the black magic and even went to Thailand to meet a master of the said arts.

“I will be filming in Thailand for a week, and my wife would like to accompany me,” he said.

As for the biggest challenge in filming the movie, Philip said that he has to learn how to speak the Thai language.

“I learned Hokkien in ‘The Locksmith’, but this time, Thai is much more difficult. I have a teacher with me, and I have to review it all the time,” he added.

The upcoming movie will also star Thai actress Supassara Thanachat, as well as Singapore’s Glenn Yong and Yumi Wong and Malaysia’s own Bront Palarae.

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Philip with cast and crew at the film’s launching ceremony

(Photo Source: Philip Keung IG)