Not a month after ARASHI announcing their activities under the new banner, STARTO Entertainment, member Jun Matsumoto revealed that he will be leaving the company to become an independent artiste.

As reported on ET Today, on 16 May, the Japanese singer-actor shared that he will be setting up his own personal agency to carry out individual activities.

“When I first entered the new world, my fans extended their warm hands to me. I sincerely thank you all for supporting and encouraging me and allowing me to grow in the long years since then. I have decided to become independent as an individual starting from 30 May 2024.”

“This new challenge of independence is definitely not a smooth road, but there will be new opportunities to create and realise dreams. I will use the experience and fate accumulated during this period as a source of inspiration and reflect it in future works,” he added.

However, the singer assured that he will continue to work as a member of ARASHI through STARTO.

Sources claimed that Jun has actually made the decision to start his own personal agency as early as March.

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Jun will remain an ARASHI member

(Photo Source: ARASHI IG)