Phoebe Lin recently revealed that she had quite the scare during the recent earthquake, what with her being seven months pregnant with her baby.

The actress, who showed up at the press conference of the mini-drama, “The Life of An Actress To Be”, shared that she was at home with her sister in their pyjamas when the 7.2-magnitude earthquake hit Hualien.

“I was so scared that I forgot that I was pregnant. There were broken glasses on the floor. I kept asking my sister to open the door and was quite panicked. She asked me to sit on the sofa and calm down while she cleaned the glasses,” she said.

Phoebe revealed that the baby was moving so much in her belly at the time that it became tight and painful.

Meanwhile, when asked about her due date, Phoebe revealed that her baby will be born in June. This will be her second child with husband Ouyang Lun.

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Phoebe and husband to welcome second child soon

(Photo Source: Phoebe Lin IG)