Park Bo-ram’s agency is warning against the spread of false information, following speculations about the singer’s recent passing.

On 14 April, XANADU Entertainment released a statement that read, “Defamatory posts and comments containing malicious posts and groundless false facts about the late Park Bo-ram are being spread indiscriminately.”

“Park Bo-ram has been suffering from malicious comments due to unconfirmed facts since her debut, and even now that she is deceased, such fake news is a clear criminal act that is no different from killing the deceased twice.”

The agency stated that the family and friends of Park are suffering from psychological pain over these rumours, and that they would like for everybody to remove all speculations and rumours.

“If such behaviour continues in the future, our company will take strong civil and criminal measures, and we will continue to take strict legal action after the funeral,” the rep added.

The singer was found collapsed and undergoing cardiac arrest at her friend’s home in Seoul on 11 April. She was pronounced dead soon after.

She was 30.

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A young life gone too soon

(Photo Source: Park Bo-ram IG)