Natalie Tong recently admitted that she has been really enjoying her new life as a freelance artiste.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who now has a travel show with HOY TV, said that she originally wasn’t able to get used to the free time she seemed to have after leaving TVB, but is now cherishing it.

“In the past, the work pattern was very intensive, and it’s hard to get a rest. After I left, I was not used to the days where I didn’t have to work hard or have a work every day. But now, I found a lot of interesting things to do, and even learned how to bake bread,” she said.

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Natalie even took breadmaking classes in her free time

Natalie said that she also joined other classes, and met a lot of new friends through that.

“I used to only be surrounded by staff and actors, but now the classmates around me are mothers, and even shop owners,” she said.

As to meeting someone in her classes, Natalie smiled and said that she took breadmaking and knitting, and that there are only women around her.

“I have to study with more male classmates to have a chance to meet someone I can develop with,” she added.

(Photo Source: Natalie Tong IG)