Fabienne Kwan has found herself having to clarify her recent posts, after her parents continued to receive congratulatory wishes from people thinking that she is getting married.

The whole brouhaha sparked last week, when the Miss Hong Kong 2021 alumna shared photos of her in a wedding dress, as she posed in the middle of the city.

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Fabienne does make a beautiful bride

Many congratulated the actress including actor Benjamin Yuen, before Fabienne explained that she will be “a single bride for a while”, meaning that she was not getting married and that it was just a photoshoot.

However, after realising that people are still congratulating actor dad Eddie Kwan, Fabienne took to social media yet again to clarify that she is not getting married.

“Congratulations should be on having such a good team who took such beautiful photos with me,” she added.

(Photo Source: Fabienne Kwan IG)