Chen Kaige’s team has dismissed rumours that the filmmaker will be helming a movie project called “Gigolo” that will star Wang Yibo in the lead.

As reported on Sohu, rumours of such a project sparked after an ad circulated online that the filmmaker is looking to cast actors for the movie.

Said the team, all reports about the said film and his involvement are false. It stated that Chen has never received any invitation to direct the film nor did he commission any entity to release any news.

“Any attempts to attract investment, financing, or casting under the guise of director Chen Kaige have nothing to do with the team. Netizens are requested not to believe the rumours,” his rep added.

Chen Kaige denies helming a new movie called “Gigolo”, celeb asia, theHive.Asia
The director’s camp warns the public of the fake ad

(Photo Source: SOHU, Filmmaker)