Zhang Linghe is making his modern drama comeback with “The Best Thing”.

The actor is paired up with Xu Ruohan in the upcoming series, which is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Sheng Li.

In “The Best Thing”, Zhang plays the role of He Suye, a traditional medicine practitioner whose chance encounter with an anxious hotel manager (played by Xu) leads to both of them developing feelings for one another.

It is noted that Zhang had not done any modern dramas for the past three years, having done period dramas and fantasy series back-to-back including “Love Between Fairy and Devil” and “My Journey to You”.

His last modern series was the 2021’s “Flourish in Time” and “Love Crossed”.

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The actor had previously starred in period dramas and fantasy series back-to-back

(Photo Source: SINA, Zhang Linghe Fanpage IG)