Yoyo Chen recently revealed that she has no qualms working with husband Vincent Wong in future projects, after receiving praise for her performance as the lead in “Happily Ever After?”

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who has been enjoying the popularity of the drama since it started airing last month, shared that she was very nervous on the eve of the premiere, and is pleasantly surprised to see the enthusiastic response from viewers.

When mentioned that some netizens thought that the drama would be even better if Vincent played the husband role instead of Him Law, Yoyo smiled and said, “Everyone is too involved in the drama.”

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Fans would love to see Him Law’s character being played by Vincent Wong

Asked if she would mind filming with her husband, she responded, “As a professional actor, I wouldn’t mind if there is a good script and a good role. But I have never formally cooperated with him.”

Yoyo also stated that she doesn’t know if her husband has watched the drama, seeing that Vincent, who is now working in both Hong Kong and the mainland, has been busy filming his own project.

(Photo Source: Yoyo Chen IG)